Posting again because people are showing their ignorance again…as well as someone who is outright spreading lies.

Directed to whoever is commenting under any article about Jensen with made up BS and anyone who believes that BS without using their brains and fact checking for themselves. 

No Jensen does not refuse photo ops with gay/male fans and give them their money back and as far as I’m aware they don’t even sell photo ops at Comic Con for the Supernatural cast so it’s a weak attempt at a lie. 

Starting to think that aside from the usual angry shippers (  not all  ) there’s someone with a personal vendetta against Jensen spreading lies which is worrying considering many people on the internet don’t bother fact checking and believe any BS they want to. 

Can I remind certain fans that Jensen is a real person who can get hurt by this kind of crap? Being rich and famous does not mean he deserves this or that it doesn’t effect him since we already know how hurt he feels when fans attack his wife.

Fucking thank you!

scientists could scour the arctic for decades and never find anything colder than this

From Lifeguard Station 26 / #15, 1999by John Humble

Week 12 of 52 - First Snow by Ronaldo.S on Flickr.